Frequently Asked Questions

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St. Thomas Elgin EarlyON most frequent questions and answers

Can you bring food and drinks to an EarlyON program?

No, we ask families not to bring outside food to programs to help create an inclusive environment for everyone. This keeps toys and carpets cleaner too! If you are allergic to what is being served, please let staff know and an alternate snack will be provided.

What are the qualifications of the staff that work at EarlyON?

Our qualified EarlyON Team are Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECE) who have a degree or diploma in Early Childhood Education and actively engage in continuous professional learning opportunities to best support the children and families they serve.

Do I have to stay with my child at an EarlyON program?

Yes! Our programs and activities are designed for you to enjoy with your children! We encourage adults to get down to their children’s level and discover learning through play with them! Experiences are enriched when there are child/adult interactions! What can you learn from your child today?

What ages can come to an EarlyON program?

EarlyON programs, crafts, and activities are geared towards families with children ages 0 to 6 but we understand there are times when older siblings are with you. Older children are welcome as long as they respect the environment and act appropriately.

What do we wear on our feet at an EarlyON program?

Please bring indoor shoes to wear during EarlyON programs. If you don’t have an extra pair of clean, dry shoes to bring with you, non-skid socks can be worn. Bare feet are not allowed.

What is a good time to come and play at an EarlyON Centre?

You are welcome to come any time during our hours of operation and stay as long as you like! Let’s Connect!