School Lunches

School Lunches

So here we are…. this time of year rolls around again and we are thinking of school: school supplies, school clothes, backpacks, shoes… and best of all, “What to make for my child’s School Lunches?!!”

When I was young, we always went home for lunch.  My mother always welcomed us home with a sandwich or a bowl of tomato soup.

My husband was the lunch maker at my house.  I took care of the house chores in the morning, so he made the kid’s lunches.  He was and still is a great sandwich maker.  My children were the envy of their school mates.  Fancy sandwiches with cucumbers/meat/season salt on wonderful fresh baked grocery store buns.  Yum!

I have been looking for some great information on how to make school lunches a breeze, but not every child is a sandwich eater, and not every husband is a great sandwich maker. 

I hope these healthy alternatives and tips will solve your school lunch dilemmas!

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