Start the Car!

Start the Car!

Start the Car!

The weather is nice, and summer is almost here. It has been a spring we will never forget and hopefully by the time you are reading this, restrictions have been lifted and life is getting back to normal. Even if it is not quite, taking a car trip with the family is okay and this post is more about the journey than the destination. It is time to hit the road and get the family out of the house and visit all the wonderful places Southwestern Ontario has to offer, even if we cannot get out of the car. Buckle up and let’s go!  

I remember as a child going on lots of road trips. Back in the day there was no air conditioning in cars, and it was way before electronics. We didn’t even pack snacks or water bottles. How did we do it???

I can’t remember where we were going but I sure can remember how we got there. Singing at the top of our voices with the windows down, warm wind blowing our hair all over. I still remember the songs we sang: Henry the 8th, I am, Witch Doctor, She Wore an Itsy, Bitsy Yellow Polka Dot Bikini,  the Ontario song; A Place to Stand, A Place to Grow and of course 99 bottles of pop on the wall! (Those songs might be giving away my age!) I remember playing punch buggy, counting different coloured cars, getting big rigs to honk their horns, waving at cars to see how many would wave back and seeing who could make someone laugh first (back seat participants only). I also remember the quiet game, seeing who could be silent the longest. I have a feeling that was my parents inviting us to play that game!

Fast forward to road trips with my own children and guess what songs they learned! We had a few new favourites like This Is the Song That Never Ends and Shoo Fly. We also packed paper and pencils for games and crayons for colouring. Felt quiet books were a favourite. 

Bags were packed with snacks. Pillows and blankets were thrown in for the long trips. We played all the old games but packed some printables like Road Trip Bingo and Alphabet I Spy. When my kids were bigger, portable DVD players came out. That was exciting, until we had to strap it between the seats, try to keep it straight and then plug it in to let the cigarette lighter, trying to make it so both children could see and then arguing about which DVD was going in first. Technology has come a long way since the 90’s!

Check out these links for ideas for fun road trip games that don’t involve a screen. Look on Pinterest for fun printables.

Southwestern Ontario is full of great tourism destinations and some hidden gems. What kind of traveller are you? I like beaches; the quieter the better, walking on trails, antique shops and stopping at yard sales.  The links below provide some ideas for when it’s safe to do so: day trips, multi-day trips, place to eat, see and lots more right here in our neck of the woods.