The Telling of a Tale: #Momfail is Superhero!

The Telling of a Tale: #Momfail is Superhero!

The Telling of a Tale: #Momfail is Superhero!

Mom – Superwoman with a multitude of Superpowers that miraculously appear upon giving birth! 

One would think, just one look at your little’s wide eyed nod of approval would be enough to nip the daily dose of Mom Guilt in the bud; yet, #Momfail refuses to be silenced. 

What if we could see through the eyes of your child? Exactly why are our children so obsessed with Superheroes in the first place? Could it be the dynamic dose of reality and fantasy? In spite of the beloved Superhero being flawed, their iconic ability to overcome obstacles in the midst of adversity instills comfort and hope. The hero’s journey is a timeless tale, where we find meaning in loss, discover our strength, and claim our own superpower to benefit others. 

Could children be teaching us something? When we see children as teachers, every moment becomes an opportunity to grow, calling us to become a better person. And that’s when the real magic happens! Parents and children as a Super team possess incredible powers capable of transforming society in significant and positive ways.

As a Mom you are asked to make sacrifices daily for your family. Your life is a service of giving, caring and prioritizing. When life gets hard and you transform the demands of life, you show pain can be our greatest teacher. When you keep it real and take on the big feelings, your courage invites your child to feel their feelings. Your ability to kill the noise in life’s turbulence amplifies your strength and breathes calm to your child.  It’s time to own it! You are a Superhero, a Mom in all her messy glory! And remember, “There is no such thing as a perfect parent. So just be a real one.” (Sue Atkins).

To optimize strength and energy to continue to be an amazing source for the good of your family, here’s an arsenal of Self Care practices just for you!

Deflect to Your Own Batcave:

In this space of tranquility, cut yourself some slack, parenting can be a tough gig! Sometimes saying no is saying yes to you! Let it go & Nap! Journal. Release the worry and anxiety onto paper. Journaling provides a safe space to create and consider the narrative of your life uncensored. Establish a night time routine. Dim lights, listen to soothing music, meditate, and diffuse essential oils. 

Power Revival:

Boom! Pow! Clark Kent may have used a phone booth to change; you my dear have the bathroom. In this kid free zone, restore your calm with your very own rescue basket. Fill a beautiful basket with positive affirmations, gratitude cards, essential oil, a water bottle, crystals, tissues, stuffy, silly putty, curated just for you! Breathe! Recover that feeling, I can do this all day!

Activate your Incredible Powers:

Shake it Up! Perhaps it’s time to change up the routine.  Step out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself by learning something new. Kick it up with a Family Dance Party when it’s not possible to escape!

Project: Rebirth:

Spend time in nature. Allow the natural world to embrace you. The stillness will quiet your mind, allowing you to listen and trust your inner voice and intuition. Not only will you find yourself in nature, you will nurture kindness, compassion and creativity. Your family and friends need the real you! 

The Power of Acceptance:

Find your Mom Tribe. Go behind the scenes of Motherhood, gather and share your heroic tales, debunk the Mom Myths, and buoy your spirits. How do you find your tribe? Follow the Expert of Play – Your child! 

As my favourite Superhero would say, “With great power, there must also come great responsibility.”

To all of our Superhero Moms, Happy Mother’s Day!